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About Us

On July 4th, 1979, J & J Parts and Repair opened its doors , in Flagler, Colorado.  In 2003 J & J Parts expanded and  became Witt Boys Inc.  Witt Boys has two locations, Limon, Colorado and Flagler, Colorado.


Witt Boys, Inc. does more than just NAPA Auto Parts.  In Limon, we are a licensed car dealer and PJ Trailer dealer. We have a shop which does oil changes and tires.  We sell all brands of tires and have the best prices around. Our Limon store is one of the busiest places in town.


Our Flagler NAPA store has a full-service shop.  We work on all vehicles from big rigs to lawn mowers.  We can align your vehicle, do minor or major repairs including engine and transmission replacement.  Our mobile tire repair operates out of the Flagler location offering on the farm tire repair.  We sell and install Pronghorn flatbeds, Bradford Built flatbeds, CM Truck beds, Besler Bale beds and our newest addition of Bedrock truck beds.  We do bumper replacement offering Ranch Hand bumpers.


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